Full Moon in Capricorn July 5th 2020

July Astrological Affirmation

“I am releasing all habits, beliefs, frameworks, and people that are no longer serving me in achieving my full potential. I grant myself the time and space to honor the importance of restorative rest during this immense healing time.”

July Astrological Forecast

  • A time of detoxification
  • Allow for rest & reflection
  • Healing requires us to slow down
  • Detox negative habits & people to keep your energy high
  • Reflect on your life path, career, and passions
  • Activate your sense of purpose
  • Time to dismantle patriarchy
  • To take action towards dismantling toxic frameworks
  • Stagnant energy is going to be shaken up and this may feel uncomfortable
  • Purging old & outdated systems and beliefs can be exhausting
  • Take time to cleanse spiritually (Read the ritual below for ideas)

This lunar eclipse is the LAST HURRAH for detoxing and purging the patriarchal, old paradigm, toxic, stagnant, stuck situations, relationships, beliefs and attitudes we are being asked to fully let go of where Capricorn is in your chart is where you have been having Pluto and the Great Pruning Shears (aka Saturn) expose what is toxic and/or beyond its expiration date- and now it’s time to deal with any last residues of the past before you can fully move into a new trajectory into the future.

Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear or worry about. It’s a time to get in tune with ourselves and our thoughts. This Mercury retrograde will be occurring in the sign of Cancer. Which invites us to become kinder with ourselves and others. This cycle will show us where we can nurture ourselves, but also where we need to step up our self care.


As the Sun travels through Cancer for 30 days we are all washed with the light of this sensitive sign. It’s a time to listen to our feelings and our emotions. This means acknowledging what we are sensing. It’s been a massive year of shifts and changes. We are like caterpillars that have transformed into butterflies. This Cancer season is our first chance at spreading these new wings. However, we’ve had to say goodbye to the caterpillar which can bring up grief. Honoring our emotions and letting them flow like the tides of the ocean is the key.

Full Moon in Capricorn Cleansing Ritual

Materials Needed:

  • Sage
  • Selenite Crystal(s)
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Moonstone
  • White 7 Day Candle
  • Lavender and Rose Buds
  • Salt
  • Moon Water or Florida Water


1. Create Sacred Space in your bathroom

Approach your space with the intention to let go of any “to-do lists” or “mind chatter”, and enter your divine state in which you become one with the unseen and seen world.  Burn your sage to cleanse the space before you begin!

You can do prep work by ensuring your bathroom is clean and organized. Create a mini temporary altar in your bathroom that incorporates mostly whites, blacks, and greys with a few hints of purple (to symbolize Capricorn zodiac). This is where you will be setting up your crystals, candles, and any other important items you feel called to intuitively incorporate

2. Silent the mind

Is it time to move on from that unfulfilling career? Perhaps it’s time to step away from toxic relationships. Maybe it’s time you stop speaking to yourself so harshly. Is there an unhealthy habit you need to let go of? Ask yourself, what do I need to release?

Do you hear yourself asking these questions all the time right now? It gets exhausting when we constantly have to question if we are in the right place at the right time. So stop the mind and truly allow yourself to relax and fall into a meditative state. Your body knows how to heal and release naturally, but you have to get out of the way by silencing the mind so that the body can redirect all the energy you have been using towards thinking to actual healing.




3. Create your ritual

Take your white candle and place it in the center of your sacred space. Now take the crystals and place them in a circle around the candle. The crystals listed above were chosen to amplify the intentions of cleansing, protection, intuition, divinity, and releasing.




4. Perform your ritual

Begin filling up your tub with warm water and sprinkle the salt as the water is running. Repeat this mantra, “I am cleansed and remain pure in my intentions. I soak in the sweet blessings Gaia has created for me.”

Hold your white candle for 3 minutes, and channel your intentions of purifying your spirit. Focusing on what your life will look like when you have successfully released this negative self-talk, habit, environment, and/or person. Focus on the positive outcome. This is very important! Do not allow yourself to fall into a negative train of thought when holding the candle.

Now light your candle with a powerful intention that you are igniting a new pathway into your life.

Sprinkle the lovely lavender and rosebuds into the water and when you feel ready gradually get into the water knowing you are soaking away any ailments, negativity, or toxic energy. Soak in the bath for at least 20-30 minutes to allow the magick to take full effect.

You may feel an emotional release and you should welcome any tears fully. Allow yourself to honor your feelings. It’s natural to grieve during a release process. Afterward, ensure to lay down for at least 20 minutes holding your selenite in your left hand and your black tourmaline in your right hand.

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