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Full Moon in Leo: February 16, 2022, 11:56am EST

Full Moon Affirmation

I am awakening to my highest potential, stepping into my power, and taking charge of my manifestations.

February Astrological Forecast

  • New beginnings
  • Shift in collective energy
  • Idealism and optimism
  • Celtic fire festival celebrating goddess Brigid
  • Welcoming back the light after the dark winter
  • Open up to love – Leo rules the heart
  • Venus and Mars conjunction – romance, perhaps a new relationship
  • Great time to find like-minded people and form a community
  • Spiritual expansion and opening the Higher mind
  • Release that which no longer serves – individual and collective
  • Alignment with Higher purpose
  • Intuition and emotions
  • BIG day for manifestations!


Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Leo, you are likely someone who thrives on praise and admiration. It’s not that you’re arrogant or full of yourself, but you derive value from being told you’re doing a good job or that people like you. You may love the spotlight, but only on your terms and when you want it. You have a flair for the dramatic, and may tend to act out elaborate scenarios in your head.

Leo moons are fiery and passionate when it comes to your emotions and your inner life. You aren’t afraid to throw yourself into a new project or creative pursuit, especially one that will be seen by others. You are generous and helpful, and radiate warm, sunny energy since Leo is ruled by the Sun. We recommend wearing or carrying citrine or sunstone to amplify that warm and loving energy.

Full Moon Ritual:
Connecting with Guides Oracle Reading


  • White ritual candle
  • Palo santo 
  • An oracle deck of your choice
  • Mugwort tea
  • Celestite
  • Blue lace agate
  • Charoite
  • Optional: clear quartz
  • Optional: meditation music (we recommend this one)
  • Some kind of offering for your spirit guides – this can be something you know they like if you’ve already connected with them, or a simple offering of bay if you aren’t sure.

1. Create a sacred space:

This ritual is best performed in a comfortable space. You’ll want a comfy chair to sit in and a table to spread your oracle cards onto.

Begin by cleansing your space with palo santo. Palo is a gentle cleanser which removes negative or stagnant energies without disturbing wanted energies. It’s a great alternative to sage when working with divination, deep meditation, or other realms.

Place the candle in the center of your altar or sacred space in a candle holder or heat-safe dish.

2. Prepare Your Ritual

Meditate with each of the crystals before placing them around the candle. Celestite, blue lace agate, and charoite all help us to connect with higher realms and our spirit guides. By taking a moment to meditate with each crystal, you’re inviting the energy of that stone into your ritual.

Optional: clear quartz also helps us connect with our spirit guides, and is a good general amplifier of other crystals’ energies. When you include clear quartz in a ritual, you’re giving a boost to the other crystals you’re using.

Once your space has been prepared, brew your mugwort tea.

3. Perform your ritual:

Settle into your space and take a few deep breaths. Optional: turn on some meditation music to help you focus. Drink the mugwort tea to invite your mind to focus more on your inner, spiritual self and less on the physical world. Next, light your candle. As you light it, say, “I invite my Guides to join me. I receive their wisdom and guidance with gratitude and love.”

Take the offering for your guides and place it on your altar. Whenever asking for help or guidance, it’s always a good idea to give something in return. As you’re placing your offering, express gratitude in your own words.

Begin shuffling your cards. It doesn’t matter how you shuffle or for how long – the point is to infuse the cards with your energy while you continue to meditate on your spirit guides. When you feel ready, spread the cards out.

You can choose to use any spread or method of reading that you like, but we recommend this three-card spread: the first card represents an area of your life where your spirit guides are helping you at the moment; the second card represents a message your guides have for you right now; the third card represents what you need to focus on in the near future in order to reach your highest potential.

When you’ve finished the reading, thank your spirit guides and allow the ritual candle to burn out completely (if you can do so safely).

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