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How to Use Crystals: Tips & Tricks

You went to the metaphysical shop, found the perfect crystal(s) for you, and brought them home. Now what? There are so many different ways for you to connect with and use your crystals—you’re bound to find one that suits your lifestyle! There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to use crystals, and there are plenty of ways to do so, including:

1. Water Elixirs

Crystal water elixir (Source: Natural Healing Home)

(Source: Natural Healing Home)

Water Elixirs
Create your very own Holy Water with your crystals. Place water-safe crystals in water for a minimum of six to eight hours; the ideal total time is 24 hours. Water absorbs and mimics the molecular structure of its surroundings. This means that by putting the crystals in the water, the water will assume the unique crystalline structure of your stones!

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the chief researcher of water structure, explored and discovered the effects of thoughts on the physical structure of water. Through his observations, he found that positive thoughts, music, or mantras produced aesthetically pleasing water crystals. On the contrary, emotionally harmful thoughts or phrases produced unorganized and asymmetrical water crystals.

Source: Dr. Masaru Emoto


Set an intention, place your crystals in the water for at least six to eight hours, and drink in the positivity!

Note: Be sure to do your research and ensure that your crystals are non-toxic and water safe.


2. Crystal Grids

Source: Rocks with Sass

Creating a crystal grid is a spiritual practice and a way of amplifying and manifesting your intention. You can mimic the design of nature by arranging your crystals in sacred geometric patterns, such as the Seed of Life, or you can arrange them in a symmetrical layout that feels right to you.

There is a lot of information out there on different ways to create your own grid, and we have provided a few tips and suggestions in our article linked below.

Learn more about crystal grids and how to create your own *here* 




3. Meditate

Tap into the energies of your crystals by tuning into them and focusing on them during your meditation practice. If you’re unsure where to start, there are plenty of resources—YouTube videos and playlists, music apps such as Spotify, guided meditation apps—with a wide array of guided meditations to choose from. During your meditation practice, you can hold your crystals, arrange them around you, or place them on your body; it’s all about what works best for you!


4. Carry


A simple, beneficial way to connect with your crystals and feel their energies is to carry them with you. You can carry your crystals in a bag or pouch such as an organza bag or knit pouch, or you can simply keep them in your pocket to experience their energies everywhere you go.





5. Wear

In addition to carrying your crystals in a pouch or your pocket, you can wear your crystals in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and more!






6. Feng Shui: An intentional living space

You can intentionally place crystals in your home to cultivate your desired energy for each space within your home. For example, you can place 






Ultimately, when it comes to your crystals, do what works best for you. Wear crystals to accentuate your personal fashion taste or day-to-day lifestyle, or carry them with you in an Organza bag or knitted pouch. Intentionally place crystals in your home to cultivate your desired energy for each space within your home. make crystal grids and meditate with is best.

You can choose to connect with your crystals in any way that feels best for you!








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