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New Moon in Scorpio: November 4, 2021, 9:14pm EDT

New Moon Affirmation

I fearlessly embrace transformation and change as a gift from the universe. I am protected physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychically as I move through the ever-changing seasons of my life.

November Astrological Forecast

  • A great time to set new intentions, especially around sexuality and finances
  • Intense emotions will pop up
  • Transformation
  • Rid negative energy and protect your aura
  • Scorpio and Mars energies oppose Uranus = secrets being revealed
  • A good time for smart investing
  • Start preparing for the long winter ahead
  • Face your fears and obstacles in your path
  • Parallels between the personal and the collective energies
  • May feel the need to act quickly, but find frustration or resistance from outside
  • Prioritize feelings of comfort and safety
  • A great time for smart financial planning and saving
  • Curiosity and adventure!



Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Scorpio, you may feel very deeply and have a strong intuition. While you may be quick to anger or other intense emotions, you are nevertheless loyal to a fault. Your perception of subtlety in social situations means that you always know what’s going on under the surface. This intuition can come in handy when honed properly, but beware of taking on too much of other people’s energy. Try wearing labradorite to protect your psychic mind from other people’s baggage or conflicts – and read our protection ritual below!

Scorpio is a highly secretive sign, guided by its ruling planet, Pluto. You may have a hard time opening up to people, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. We recommend a combination of aquamarine and rose quartz – aquamarine is great for helping you speak your truth and aids in communication in general, while rose quartz brings a loving energy to help you make genuine connections and let your guard down a bit.

New Moon Ritual:
Energetic Protection Crystal Grid


  • Sage
  • Black candle
  • Four black tourmaline crystals
  • Sixteen clear quartz crystals
  • Four black obsidian crystals
  • Eight labradorite crystals
  • Crystal grid surface of your choice
  • Marker, paint, or something that will write on glass

1. Cleanse and sanctify your space:

Begin by cleansing your space with sage. This step is crucial to make sure that no negative energies remain where you’re building your crystal grid. Sage is a powerful cleanser that brings the energetic state of a space to neutral.

2. Build your crystal grid:

Set down your crystal grid surface. You can also build your grid on a table or other flat area. Ideally, set the grid up somewhere where it can stay put.

Take the black candle and write the intention “energetic protection” on the glass. You can simply write the words or, if you want, make a sigil that represents your intention. Once done, place the candle in the center of your grid.

Begin laying out the crystals on your grid. Take the black tourmaline and lay the pieces out around the candle according to the four cardinal directions. If you can’t figure out the cardinal directions, use the four corners of your room or home. Black tourmaline is an excellent all-around protection crystal that works against negative energies, EMF, and more. It also provides grounding, which is especially helpful for psychic protection.

Next, take the black obsidian crystals and lay them between the black tourmaline pieces. Black obsidian has similar properties to black tourmaline, but where tourmaline works mostly in the physical realm, obsidian works directly in the psychic realm. It also opens channels of communication with other realms, so it’s useful in calling upon divine or supernatural aid if you wish to do so.

Next, place the labradorite pieces between the tourmaline and obsidian crystals. Labradorite is a powerful psychic protector, as well as a psychic enhancer, allowing you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities while remaining protected.

Finally, place the clear quartz crystals in between each of the other crystals. Clear quartz is an energy amplifier and will strengthen the properties of the other crystals in your grid. It also provides cleansing and chakra balancing properties so that you can refresh your own energy while keeping that of others at bay.

3. Charge your crystal grid:

Light the black candle. As you light it, speak your intention out loud. Visualize a sphere of protective light emanating from the candle/center of your grid. Allow the light to expand out past the edges of the grid and beyond, filling the whole room and radiating out so far that you can no longer see the edge of it. This light will be a force field for you that keeps all negative energies (whether physical or psychic) away.

Hold the image of this white light in your mind and speak the words, “I am protected. My energy is protected. No negative forces reach me.” Once you’ve spoken, the ritual is complete. Even after you stop visualizing the light, the protective energy generated by the grid remains.

The grid will charge overnight during the new moon, soaking up the powerful energy it brings. You can keep this grid in place for as long as you feel you need it.

Ritual on the Run:
Money Bowl

A quick 5-10 minute ritual for when you’re busy!

Making a money bowl is one of the simplest spells you can do, and the more you “feed” it over time, the better it will work!


  • Sturdy bowl, preferably made of copper
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Rosemary
  • Green aventurine
  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Money of some kind – dollars, coins
  • Optional: money-drawing incense of your choice
  • Optional: green candle

This spell is simple and only has one step: add each of the herbs and crystals into your bowl, one at a time, while keeping the intention of prosperity, abundance, and money. Hold each item for a moment before adding it to the bowl, speaking your intention into that item. All the items have the metaphysical property of abundance and prosperity, and just need to be charged with your intention.

Once you’ve added the herbs and crystals, add the money into the bowl in the same way. If you’d like, once you make your bowl you can light some prosperity incense and burn a green candle to strengthen the spell.Place the bowl in the Feng Shui money corner of your house (figure out where that is here). You should “feed” the bowl with more money regularly in order to maintain and strengthen the spell.

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