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Alexis Barnett

Alexis Barnett Owner

Alexis Barnett Owner

Alexis’ spiritual journey was sparked at 12 years old when she began practicing Reiki with her Grandmother. Over the years, she has cultivated knowledge in the areas of spirituality, mysticism, feminine sexuality, holistic health, herbalism, gardening, crystals, and meditation. In addition, she facilitates various workshops, Full Moon gatherings, Women Circles – Moon Lodge, Crystal Consultations, Holistic Counseling, and Reiki Crystal Healing. In her spare time, Alexis soars through the air on aerial silks, which she has been training in for over 9 years now. Overall, Alexis’ goals revolve around sharing and facilitating the intimacy of a community that supports individuals in search of a deeper meaning to their lives.

Bachelor’s of Science Psychology, Florida State University
Reiki Master | Sound Healer | Crystal Healer | Aerialist

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