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Pink Seven Day Glass Candle


Pink candles are used for respect, romantic love, femininity, understanding, purity, reconciliation, forming partnerships, peace, spiritual love, and sensitivity.

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Pink candles are used in love magick for romantic love, devotion, tenderness, affection, warmth, compassion, honor, friendship, faith, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love. Pink promotes spiritual awakening and opening of the heart.

Use pink candles for respect, moral, romantic love, femininity, attractiveness, beauty, understanding, purity, upbringing, faithfulness, reconciliation, forming partnerships, peace, spiritual love, sensitivity. The color pink is designed to attract attention and achieve a purpose in rituals. Pink contains many of the qualities of red but in a sofer gentler form. It is nurturing, soothing, and revitalizing. It is caring, for forming partnerships, and peace. The color of femininity, pleasantness, enhances joyful and lively conversation. Pink candles should be used if your magic is concerned with love, loyalty, integrity, and good intentions. Pink is a color which generates self-generosity, selflessness.

Pink colored candles are associated with the emotional and spiritual aspects of Venus, the goddess of love. Pink candle rituals are excellent for matters involving the gentler aspects of love, romance, affection, and friendship, the healing of wounded emotions, for quiet sleep, and for the mending of quarrels. They can also be used for all family matters, for the rekindling of trust, and for new relationships. Pink candle rituals will help attract new friends and lovers.

Pink is associated with female energies and all-female rituals, and its day is Friday.

Use with pink kunzite, rose quartz, tourmaline, and rhodonite.

Planet:  Venus

Day:  Friday

Chakras:  Heart

Astrological Sign:  Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Taurus, & Virgo

Numerology:  6 & 9



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