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Extra Small Blue Caribbean Calcite Stars


These Stars look like a beautiful Caribbean beach trapped in a crystal.

Element: Earth and Water

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown

Known for strengthening intuition, inner vision, relaxation, recuperation, and transmuting energy.  A great tool to help during stressful times

Extra Small Stars Approximately 5.5 cm in width

Read more about Caribbean Blue Calcite below!

Caribbean Blue Calcite gets it’s sandy-beach look from a mix of blue calcite and white aragonite. These two crystals come together to form a crystal that can help you convert anxieties into calm vibes. These towers would work well in the bedroom to help you wind down and relax.

This crystal is also known to be helpful for spiritual healing and psychic activation. This stone can aid your third eye by helping your intuition and inner vision. It can also guide and protect the user during astral projection.

You can release the powerful abilities of this crystal by meditating with it and giving it an intention. You can do this whenever you’re feeling like you need help relaxing or if you need to hone your psychic abilities.

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