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Grounding Mala



Chakras – Root

Great for: Grounding, Protection, Self-confidence, Stabilizing & Balance, Calming

Dispels Negative Energy

20.5 Inches

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There are multiple meanings behind the number 108, thus making the energy of 108 mala beads a powerful one. The number 108 carries the force of Hindu traditions, yogic traditions, and Buddhist traditions. Malas are used for meditation, chanting and prayer. Each mala bead equals a repetition of the mantra we are reciting.

In Hinduism the Sanskrit Alphabet has a total of 54 letters. Each letter contains within masculine and feminine sides, representative of Shakti and Shiva. 54 multiplies by two equals 108. The number 108 can be also analyzed and separated into three components. The 1 represents the first and supreme source, the universe, God, or our own personal version of the highest truth. The number 0 stands for the void, emptiness or nothingness. Culminating in the number 8 which embodies it all, being the symbol for infinity.

Within our body there are 108 points in which consciousness and matter unite. These sacred points are of great importance in Ayurvedic healing, being aware of these points and balancing them can lead to alignment. There are also seven chakras in the body, and it is believed that there 108 energy circuits that lead to the heart center.

Finally, a little bit of magic in our material realm shows us that the distance from the Earth to the sun is 108 times the Earth’s own diameter. There are also 108 elements in our periodic table which make up our material universe.

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