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Heart Chakra Orgonite Heart


The heart chakra is the fourth energy center and it is positioned in the middle of our chest, to the left of our actual heart organ. It controls our compassion, relationships, empathy, and self-love. These orgonite hearts are great for meditating and aligning your chakras. Scroll down and read more below!

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The heart chakra is the fourth energy center in the body. It lays in the center of our chest, not where our actual heart is. The heart chakra rules over compassion, empathy, relationships, transformation and change, finding peace, and love for oneself as well as for others. It is associated with the color green (and sometimes pink) and some crystals associated with it are malachite, rose quartz, chrysocolla, and green aventurine.

Some signs of imbalance in the heart chakra are being overly defensive, feeling closed down, jealousy or fear of intimacy, relying on other’s approval and attention, trying to please at all cost, always putting oneself in the role of the savior or the rescuer; or on the contrary, falling into victimization, excessive isolation, being recluse, antisocial, and not being to forgive.

We can fix these imbalances by meditating and realigning our chakras. These orgonite hearts are perfect to use to meditate with and to realign and rebalance. Orgonite pyramids are made of a mix of organic (resin) and non-organic materials (metal shavings) that have the property of moving the orgone energy back and forth and act as a cleansing of the stagnant, negative energies. In other words, the organic materials absorb the vital, orgonic energy, while the non-organic components disperse it back in all directions. These properties are great for breaking up blockages and freeing up your chakras for better energy flow throughout your body.

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