Ritual Candle 10 pack


These colored chime candles can be used in many ways. Light them for rituals, seal spell bottles with the wax, or light them in a symbolic ceremony. Scroll down to read more about the candles and the color correspondences!

Each individual candle is 4 inches long.

These colored chime candles are perfect for spellwork or rituals. Color correspondences, like colored candles, are used in multiple metaphysical practices. For instance, the chakras each have a corresponding color. The root chakra is red or black, the sacral is orange, the solar plexus is yellow, the heart is green (but sometimes also associated with pink), the throat is blue, the third eye is purple or indigo, and the crown chakra is violet or white. In addition to the chakras, the colors also have other correspondences, as seen below.

Black- Protection, grounding, stability, banishing

Red- Passion, intense emotion, strength, health, willpower

Orange- Success, justice, encouragement,

Yellow- Confidence, trust, happiness, communications

Light Blue- Peace, creativity, patience

Dark Blue- Wisdom, meditation, rest

Purple- psychic power, divination, knowledge, focus

White- purification, enlightenment, healing, protection, universal color

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Black, Dark BLue, light blue, orange, Purple, red, White, Yellow


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