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White Couple Image Candle


Candles are a great way to invoke the element of fire and assist in manifesting one’s intention during one’s ritual or spellwork. This candle is a great way to balance and celebrate the unity of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies within each of us.

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Candles are a great way to invoke the element of fire and assist in manifestation during one’s ritual or spellwork. White candles are used for cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, protection, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness, and joy. White also heals emotions, provides protection, repels negative energy, relieves tension, and aids in meditation.

The white candle represents happiness, unity, and is the highest spirituality and the highest level of consciousness to protect, purify, and heal. White represents truth, harmony, and wholeness of spirit. The user who burns a white candle is invoking lunar energy. Since all colors are derived from pure white light, it is the balanced presence of all colors in synthesis, so white candles can be substituted for any other color in many rituals if necessary if what you want is unavailable at the time. It, therefore, gives off a very positive and powerful vibration. The color white eliminates negative feelings and encourages a positive approach to life. Used for concentration rituals and meditation work.



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