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Jamie Flynn


Jamie Flynn

Sound Healer

“My life revolves around sound. It has been this way as long as I can remember. My father was, (and still is) a preacher and by the age of three, I was performing vocal solos in little country churches all up and down the Ohio Valley. Thankfully, I was also taught to question everything one experiences in life, even things dad taught me, and so, one Sunday evening about three months before turning 5 years old, it began… it was during the performance of a requested song and somewhere in the middle of the piece, I connected!
The recollection of the freedom and sheer joy of becoming the sound, becoming an integral part of all that it touched is a familiar, old friend. Into the whirling vortex of color and sound, all senses at peaked! What an incredible rush!
And then, upon stepping down from the platform and looking around, I noticed there wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation?
What? What is going on here? How? Why? How is this even possible?
The questions began. At that moment I became a student of sound and vibration… how it impacts the human condition
and everything in our environment.
The 2017 winter solstice marks 55 years into my studies and the questions are still leading me, thankfully, further.”

Director of Recreation & Music Therapist – 17 Years
Professional Musician – 10+ Years
Four Winds Animal Rescue Rehabilitation and Sanctuary., Owner & Operator, 10+ Years – Current