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Wendy Rachel (1)


Tarot Astrologist

We are delighted to introduce you to Rachel (Rachel Star of Sedona) who has been Reading for nearly 40 years, and after 9 years Reading in sacred Sedona, Arizona, Rachel has returned to Tallahassee, where she had been the in-house Reader for Crystal Connection, heard weekly on Hot 105, weekdays on the John & Tammy morning show and more! Known as the Readers’ Reader, she is an ordained interfaith Minister, and her spiritual counsel is always positive and empowering. She channels loving holiness with tools of tarot, astrology, past life insight, numbers, and a little-known system of destiny, which is 100% accurate. Her Readings are accurate, inspirational and healing, promoting clarity and peace of mind via unconditional, nonjudgmental, spiritual interpretation…

”I say this from the bottom of my heart; thank you so much for all your help in leading me to a better life.”

“I asked God to direct me and you came to my mind Rachel. I remembered how much you helped when I visited with you before, and though I questioned my need to venture outside of myself or place of worship, I kept hearing God say to see you.”

“Truly a gift to this world.”

You can meet her on First Fridays for $1/minute, with a 15 minute minimum, or book a minimum of a 30 minute Reading at regular rates, for any Wednesday, at Crystal Portal. See TV shows about her, and learn much more at