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New Moon in Capricorn: January 2, 2022, 11:35am EST

New Moon in Capricorn: January 2, 2022, 11:35am EST

New Moon Affirmation

I welcome in the new year with joy and confidence. I invite all victories and disappointments, trusting in my ability to overcome all challenges that come my way.

January Astrological Forecast

New Moon in Capricorn, January 2nd
  • First new moon of the new year – big themes of new beginnings and change
  • Positive change and motivation
  • Taking steps towards new goals – but make sure your goals are realistic!
  • Uranus gets the upper hand in its square with Saturn: feelings of freedom and possibility, resistance to boundaries or constraints
  • Concerns about health (not just physical) may come up
Mercury Retrograde Begins, January 14th
  • Don’t panic! Read our Mercury musings here.
Full Moon in Cancer, January 17th
  • Wolf moon
  • Big ideas and spiritual revelations
  • Emphasis on home and family
Aquarius Season Begins, January 20th
  • Humanitarian ideals – making the world a better place!
Venus Retrograde Ends, January 29th
  • Communication should be a bit easier now


Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Capricorn, you are likely someone who is responsible and practical at heart. You are comfortable with taking on more responsibility than most, and you feel a strong need to help out wherever you can. You do best in supporting roles: not that you can’t lead (you certainly can!), but you have a talent for keeping others organized and moving big projects along. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so you’re definitely a go-getter and a doer. The difficulty with Cap moons is that your practical and down-to-earth nature can sometimes make it hard for you to tap into your deep emotions and form bonds with people. Wearing or carrying unakite, amazonite, or kyanite can help you find harmony and communicate more easily with others, while establishing deep connections to the people around you.
Amazonite Tumbles
Unakite Tumbles
Kyanite Tumbles
Amazonite Mala
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New Moon Ritual: 2022 Manifestation

2022 is here! This year is starting off with a powerful new moon that promises to support us in all our manifestations and goals. Use this ritual to start making 👏 it 👏 happen! 👏


1. Create a sacred space:

Begin by cleansing your space with sage or an incense of your choice. The new year/new moon invites us to refresh our energy, and sage is a great all-around cleanser for this purpose because it leaves us with a totally clean slate. Place the red candle in the center of your altar or sacred space. Red represents action and motivation, the perfect energy to bring into the new year/moon cycle. Place the malachite and clear quartz crystals to either side of the candle. Malachite is a powerful transformation and manifestation stone that will give you the energy needed to work towards your ideal future. Clear quartz is an amplifier as well as a cleanser - it will keep the energy clear as well as supercharging your intentions. Optional: place any other crystals you wish to include around the red candle.

2. Set your goal/s

Now is the time to think about the goals you want to set for yourself for this moon cycle and the new year of 2022. What is it that you want to achieve? What have you always wanted to do, but never got around to it? Remember to keep your goals realistic. New Year’s resolutions are often a recipe for disappointment and feeling like you aren’t good enough because you didn’t run 5k every day, do weekly juice cleanses, and change your entire outlook on life overnight. Keep it simple: you are powerful, but take it one step at a time. When you’re ready, write your goal/s on a bay leaf

3. Perform your ritual:

Light your candle. As you light it, say the words, “I invite the energy of this new year and new moon to help me achieve my goals.” Hold the bay leaf in your right hand. Read your intention out loud three times. Then carefully light the bay leaf with the flame of the candle. Allow it to catch fire, and then place it in a heat-safe dish to burn. As it burns, visualize your intentions rising up with the smoke into the greater universe. Once the bay leaf has burned completely, say the words, “the universe has heard my intention. I have everything I need, and my goals are achieved.” Tip: you may want to save the ash from your bay leaf to include in a manifestation jar.

Ritual on the Run: Cleansing and Dedicating a 2022 Planner or Journal

A quick 5-10 minute ritual for when you’re busy! Tis the season for getting organized! Many of us start each new year with a new planner or journal - if this is you, you can use this ritual to cleanse and dedicate it for 2022.


  • A journal or planner that you want to use during 2022
  • Sage or incense of your choice
  • Honey calcite stone

1.Create a sacred space:

Begin by cleansing your space with sage or an incense of your choice. The new year/new moon invites us to refresh our energy, and sage is a great all-around cleanser for this purpose because it leaves us with a totally clean slate. Take several deep breaths and call your energy to the center of your body. You want to be as relaxed as possible.

2. Perform your ritual:

Using the sage, allow your journal or planner to pass through the smoke. This will cleanse the book completely, giving you a clean place to store all your thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists. Next, take the honey calcite and place it on top of the planner or journal. Honey calcite works with the Solar Plexus chakra to promote a joyful attitude, confidence, and self-worth. It’s great for overcoming obstacles and learning new skills - both things that will definitely come up this year. Lastly, it promotes clarity and insight so that your to-do lists and tasks don’t become jumbled and overwhelming. As you place the crystal on top of your book, envision the stone imbuing the book with its qualities. You may want to let the crystal rest regularly on top of your planner or journal to continually provide it with a joyful, focused, and confident energy.
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