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Pisces Season 2022

Pisces Season 2022




Your Sun sign is the sign most closely associated with your personality and life’s trajectory. If your sun is in Pisces, you are a highly intuitive and likely emotional person. You have an expansive capacity for empathy, often truly feeling what others are experiencing. There may have been times in your life when you just…knew. Your gut feeling is usually right, and you can often base decisions on it.

The shadow side of Pisces is that because you feel so deeply, you may become easily overwhelmed or emotionally exhausted. Pisces is a water sign, meaning that Pisces folks experience feelings more readily than others. For Pisces suns, it’s especially important to do grounding work and energetic cleansing. Pisces may find sound therapy or walks in nature extremely beneficial. We also recommend wearing or carrying labradorite, which is a great stone for psychic protection, and clear quartz, which helps cleanse unwanted energies from your aura.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with ancient Rome’s god of the sea. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming opposite each other, representing emotions and balance, but also indecision and inner conflict. Try working with amazonite for emotional stability, Pisces, if you feel like your heart is all over the place.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. Some interpretations say that each sign learns the lessons of the signs before them, meaning that Pisces has accumulated the knowledge and lessons of all the signs. Pisces is a transcendent sign, full of visionary and creative force. You aren’t exactly what they call “down to earth,” because you’re always looking out into the universe. Some Pisces describe themselves as aliens, because they feel out-of-body in human form. Whatever you choose to do in this world, your creativity and sensitivity will help you make it happen.


This year, Pisces season begins with a powerful manifestation portal: 2/22/22. In numerology, the number 2 stands for balance, femininity, compromise, and intuition. It’s the perfect number for Pisces season, and this portal asks us to take ourselves seriously and trust those feelings we’ve been having. It’s a great day for finding ways to collaborate with like-minded individuals, pursuing your creative goals, and doing divination work.

As with all new moons, the Pisces new moon on March 2nd brings a fresh start. This new moon in particular invites us to stop what we’re doing and prioritize rest. It’s a good time to try out a new self-care routine or take a long nap. Rest is productive: just because you’re spending the day in bed watching Netflix doesn’t mean you’re wasting time. You’re simply recharging your batteries so that you have more energy later on when you’re working towards your goals.

This energy continues with the full moon in Virgo on March 18th, which invites us to find a balance between work and rest. Virgo and Pisces are both altruistic signs, but if you give all your energy to others, you’ll wear yourself out very quickly. On this full moon, find ways to let go of constraints (real or imagined) that don’t support balance in all areas of your life.

Pisces season is the last zodiac season of winter – Aries ushers in the warmth of spring. This is the time when we may feel the winter most sharply; it’s been cold for so long that it’s hard to remember what sunlight and heat are like. Winter is naturally a time for introspection, and this theme culminates in the supercharged intuition and mindfulness that Pisces season brings us. If you’re struggling with seasonal depression, lethargy, or cabin fever, just hold on. Spring is coming, and with it a renewal of your energy and life force. For now, get as much vitamin D as you can.


The Moon card in the traditional Tarot represents our subconscious mind, subtle bodies, and other realms. It’s the card of intuition. It also suggests something hidden, whether that be secrets or knowledge not yet discovered. Pisces, guided by Neptune, dives into uncharted waters and discovers what lies beneath the surface.

Three animals feature in this card: the dog, the wolf, and the lobster. The dog and wolf are two sides to the same nature: while the dog is tame, the wolf is wild. Once again, we’re invited to find balance, like the towers on either side of the card. The lobster emerges from the water of our subconscious mind and emotions, having gathered the wisdom it needs to survive in the real world.

The moon is also traditionally a symbol of witchcraft and all kinds of spiritual work, and the dog is associated with Hekate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft. Because witches work in subtle realms, this card finds association with them as well.


  • Play “Across the Universe” on repeat
  • Try out one of those sensory deprivation float tanks
  • Sit and just listen
  • Lead your friends in a group meditation (see below!)
  • Read a book of poetry or write your own verses
  • Have reiki performed on you or perform it on someone else



This ritual can be performed by yourself, of course, but we believe that connecting with others adds a layer of magic to our experiences. Drop by the store to shop our selection of resin and resin burners.


  • Heat-safe dish or burner
  • Charcoal tab
  • Matches or lighter
  • Frankincense resin
  • Bay leaves (one for each person, plus one extra)
  • White 7-day candle 
  • Pens or markers
  • Optional: meditation music (we love this one)



Have the group set an intention ahead of time. This can be anything – if your group are coworkers, you can set the intention of prosperity for your business; if everyone is an artist, you can set the intention of creativity; etc.

Perform this ritual where everyone can comfortably sit facing each other. Optionally, you can lay out pillows or blankets for everyone to sit on. Have everyone sit in a circle. Pass out the bay leaves and pens to each person. Next, place the 7-day candle in the center of your circle, and set up the burner and charcoal next to it. Finally, turn on some meditation music if the group wants it. Now you’re ready to begin the ritual.


Start by lighting your charcoal and placing the resin on top. Frankincense works a bit like sage to clear negative energy from a space, and has been used in ritual and spellwork for millennia. As you burn the resin, invite everyone to take three deep breaths together.

Next, light the candle. As you light it, say, “with this candle, I invite in the intention of peace, support, and love,” and have everyone turn their attention to the flame. You may choose to add your own words and intentions at this point.


If you have a singing bowl, strike it three times to bring everyone’s attention to the meditation. Thich Nhat Hahn said that rather than “hitting” the bowl (or in his case a bell), you simply “invite it to sound.”  As you invite the bowl to sound, have everyone take three more deep breaths.

If you feel comfortable, you can guide the group through meditation. To do this, guide each breath in and each breath out. As everyone breathes in, encourage them to breathe in the support and love from the group. As they breathe out, encourage them to send love and support to the group. Do this for several minutes, with everyone breathing in harmony. As you do this, you are raising the vibration of the room and of each person in it, amplifying any intentions you have set and helping each member of the group reach a more relaxed and healthy state.

If you don’t feel comfortable leading the meditation, that’s okay – allow each person to meditate in their own way, keeping the intention of love and support in the front of their minds.


After several minutes, it’s time to perform your manifestations. Have each person take the bay leaf and pen and write an intention on it. This can be just about anything. The idea is to use the amplified energy and vibrations of the group to strengthen each person’s individual manifestation.

Once everyone has written their manifestations, go around the group one by one. If people are comfortable sharing their intentions, have each person read theirs out loud. As they read it, have the group concentrate all their energy on that intention. After they’ve read it, have them burn the bay leaf in the candle flame and set it on the dish with the frankincense. Once one person has read their intention and burned their bay leaf, move on to the next person.

When everyone has read their intentions and burned their bay leaves, take the final bay leaf that’s been set aside. Write the intention that the group came up with ahead of time on this bay leaf, then read it out loud and burn it as before.

Finally, have everyone take three more deep breaths, focusing their attention on manifesting the group’s intentions. Optionally, invite the singing bowl to sound three more times to close the ritual.

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