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Full Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021, 7:05am EDT

Full Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021, 7:05am EDT

Full Moon Affirmation

“I give the same love to myself as I give to others. I find emotional balance and peace through my connections to others.”

October Astrological Forecast

New Moon in Libra, October 6th
  • Begins a new cycle: a great time for a fresh start
  • Libra: reconciling opposites, creating harmony, finding compromise
  • Moon conjunct Mars: action and passionate energy
  • Keep anger in check
  • Mars brings physical energy that needs to be released: a perfect time to do some power yoga
  • A burst of courage is rising up
  • Pluto stations direct (ends its retrograde) on the same day as the new moon: another sign of transition
  • Mercury is still retrograde
  • Read below for ritual ideas!
Mercury Retrograde Ends, October 17
  • And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming 😁
Full Moon in Aries, October 20
  • Hunter’s moon
  • Focus on balancing needs in relationships
Scorpio Season Begins, October 23rd
  • Passion, passion, passion!
  • A great time to dive into researching a topic you care about!
Samhain (Halloween), October 31
  • Final of the three harvest festivals in the Celtic/Wiccan calendar (after Lughnasadh and Mabon)
  • The veil between worlds is thinnest at this time of year
  • Corresponds to Día de los Muertos

My Moon is in Libra - What does it mean?

Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Libra, you place your emphasis on fairness and justice in all things, especially romance. You understand the weight of important decisions, although your careful consideration might make you feel indecisive. You care about making the right decision in every situation – so your challenge is to release attachment to a “right” and “wrong” answer to everything. Try wearing fluorite or keeping a bumblebee jasper nearby; both of these stones are great for helping you feel confident in whatever choices you make. Libras are social creatures, and you probably find comfort in good company. Your moon sign relates to your emotional self – when you need to recharge your energy, don’t be afraid to lean on people who care about you. If you’re a Libra sun, you can read all about your sun sign here.

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New Moon Ritual: Glamour Magic

Glamour magic relates to your appearance – not just how others see you, but how you see yourself. Perform glamour magic when you need a boost of self-confidence about your ✨ aesthetic ✨ which Libra rules. For this ritual, we’ll enchant an everyday object with glamorous, confident energy so that when you use it, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin and see your beauty, inside and out. Materials Needed:
  • Something that’s part of your everyday getting-ready routine: makeup, your hairbrush, even your body wash. You’ll be enchanting this object with confident energy, so make sure it’s something you use frequently and that relates to your appearance.
  • Alternatively, you could use a kunzite bracelet: kunzite is the “stone of beauty” and helps build self-worth. Wearing kunzite can help with body positivity overall
  • Yellow ritual candle
  • Optional: candle holder
  • Yellow calcite
  • Rose quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Palo santo or your favorite incense
  • A mirror or picture of yourself

1. Create a Sacred Space

Begin by cleansing your space: light your palo santo or incense to cleanse the area. Palo santo is a gentle healer which sweeps away negative energy, making room for positive energies. Prepare a space at your altar or another flat surface. Place the object you’re going to enchant at the center of your space with the yellow candle behind it. If you don’t have a candle holder, melt a bit of the bottom of the candle and stick it to a heat-safe surface.

2. Prepare Your Ritual

Place your healing crystals around the object you’re enchanting. Yellow calcite is associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, the seats of self-confidence and physicality. Rose quartz is a gentle self-love stone that connects to your Heart chakra and brings compassionate energy. Rhodonite, sometimes called the “stone of self-love,” also connects your lower three chakras (Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus) to bring self-confidence and loving energies. Place a mirror or picture of yourself behind the candle or set up your sacred space in front of a mirror. Since this spell is about confidence in your outer appearance, we want to make sure you can see yourself!

3. Set Your Intention

Ask yourself: how do I really feel about the way I look? As you look in the mirror, be honest about how you feel about the way you look right now. Invite the intention of self-confidence into the space. Even if it seems impossible, visualize what it would feel like to be completely okay with your appearance. This isn’t about wishing to change parts of yourself – the only thing we’re aiming to change is how you feel. Could you give yourself permission to accept your appearance the way it is now? What would that feel like?

4. Perform your ritual

Light your candle. As you light it, say the words, “I invite the light of confidence into my consciousness.” The color yellow corresponds with the Solar Plexus chakra and invites self-confidence in. Your Solar Plexus is in the center of your body just below the ribs. As the candle burns, take a few deep breaths: when you breathe in, envision confidence coming into your body and centering around the Solar Plexus. As you breathe out, visualize any self-defeating thoughts leaving from that area and out of your body. If it feels weird or like you can’t just suddenly become fully confident, that’s okay. The goal is to visualize and begin the process of working towards that. Nothing happens overnight. Look at the image of yourself or in the mirror. Keeping the light of confidence burning bright and igniting your Solar Plexus, say the affirmations: “I am whole, I am perfect, I am vibrant.” You may wish to add your own affirmations to these. Take the object you want to enchant in your hands. Hold it while continuing to look in the mirror or at the image, taking several breaths and keeping your Solar Plexus in mind. Next, light up your palo or incense again and pass the object through the smoke. As you do so, any negative or stagnant energy will leave the object, leaving room for it to be enchanted with confidence. Pass the object over the candle flame (at a safe distance!). The confident energy you’ve ignited with the candle will enter into the object. Finally, hold the object close to you for a few more breaths. Visualize the confident energy, which you’ve been holding at your Solar Plexus, flowing out into the object. The object is now full of your confidence and self-love. Each time you use it, you’ll be reminded that you are perfect exactly as you are.

Ritual on the Run: Inner Peace

A quick 5-10 minute ritual for when you’re busy!


1. Create a sacred space:

Begin by cleansing your space. Light up your sage bundle, and as it burns, visualize any negative energy leaving the space. If you don’t already have an altar, prepare one by placing your blue candle in the center of the space (if you don’t have a candle holder, you can melt a bit of the bottom of the candle to adhere it to a heat-safe surface). Place the hematite stones to the left and right of the candle, and the amazonite to the front and back. These four stones will form a square, the shape most closely associated with stability in sacred geometry. You will also be inviting in the four main elements with these items: smoke from sage represents air, the candle represents fire, hematite is an Earth element stone, and Amazonite connects to Earth and Water. A balance of these elemental energies also works to bring emotional peace and stability. 2. Perform your ritual: Light your candle. The color blue promotes peace and emotional healing. As you light it, say the words, “I invite peace into my emotional body.” Take the two hematite stones, holding one in each hand. Hematite is a powerful balancing stone that will regulate any energies that are out of whack. The Libra energy of this new moon also supports equality and balance. Hold the stones in your hand for three breath cycles. Try to breathe in and out at the same rate (it may help to count in your head). You will start to feel a sense of calm already. If you feel like you need to stay here for more than three breaths, that’s okay! When you’re ready, return the hematite stones to their place at your altar. Next, take the two amazonite stones, one in each hand, and repeat the exercise. Amazonite is a peace-bringing stone which is also great for balancing irregular energies. As you breathe, visualize all unwanted energy leaving your body through your out-breath, making space for you to breathe in a more balanced emotional state. When you’ve finished your ritual, you may wish to let the candle burn down completely (1-2 hours), or you may choose to put the candle out and return to it later.
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