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Full Moon in Aquarius: August 11, 2022, 9:36pm ET

Full Moon in Aquarius: August 11, 2022, 9:36pm ET


Aquarius is all about our circles! This ritual is designed as a group ritual so that you can take advantage of that Aquarian community vibe. Of course, you can always do it by yourself if you want or need to, but it’s much better with friends.


  • Palo santo or your favorite incense
  • Singing bowl and mallet (if this isn’t accessible to you, you can use another musical instrument or even a recording of singing bowls being played)
  • White 7-day candle
  • Blanket, pillow, yoga mat, or cushion (one per participant)
  • Clear quartz (one per participant)
  • Golden healer (one per participant)
  • White ritual candle and candle holder (one per participant)
  • Gold or yellow ritual candle and candle holder (one per participant)
  • Matches or lighters (enough for each participant)


Begin by setting up your space. You’ll want a large area where blankets, mats, etc. can be placed in a circle. Make sure each participant will have enough room to feel comfortable. Place the singing bowl, palo santo or incense, and white 7-day candle in the center of the circle. Set up each blanket (etc.), and place a white ritual candle, a gold ritual candle, a clear quartz, and a golden healer in front of each one.

You may want to do a preliminary cleanse before participants arrive, if you think the space feels a bit stagnant with energy. Feel free to use any method for this.

Once the participants have arrived, cleanse the space with palo santo. Palo is a gentle cleanser that will remove any stagnant or negative energy, leaving behind only high frequencies of love. The leader of the ritual should light the palo santo and pass it around to each participant in a counterclockwise fashion. You can also substitute with your favorite incense if you prefer.


Have the participants join hands and close their eyes. As a group, take three deep breaths. Focus on bringing love into the space as you breathe. Group rituals are especially helpful in increasing love frequencies and bringing everyone closer together.

The leader of the ritual may want to say some opening words or set an intention for the group at this time.


Leader: take the singing bowl and strike it. Have everyone keep their eyes closed as the bowl sounds. When the sound has died down naturally, the leader can begin the affirmations. Say one positive, uplifting, loving thing about yourself. What do you like about yourself, or what are you proud of? What’s a character trait you admire in yourself? Next, say one positive, uplifting, loving thing about the person to your right, and then the person to your left.

Pass the bowl to the person on your left. Have them repeat this step, beginning with striking the bowl, and then saying affirmations for themselves and the people on either side of them. Continue until each participant has completed this step.


Have each participant take their golden healer in their left hand and the clear quartz in their right. Golden healer helps us access higher vibrations and brings healing energy to our bodies, both physical and subtle. Clear quartz is the ultimate healer and amplifier and can magnify any intention. Have each participant hold the golden healer to their heart and take a deep breath, while keeping the clear quartz in their right hand.

Next, have each participant extend both hands towards the people on either side of them and connect crystals. Each clear quartz crystal should connect to a golden healer crystal. This way, each person is helping to amplify the healing and loving vibrations of the person to their right, and as a whole the group is raising the collective vibration. Have everyone close their eyes and take three deep breaths together in this position.

Finally, have each person light their white candle. As they light it, each person should set the intention of helping others bring the frequencies of love and healing into their lives. Then, one by one, have each participant take their white candle and from it light the gold or yellow candle of the person to their left. Once all the ritual candles have been lit, the leader of the ritual can light the white 7-day candle with their own gold or yellow candle, symbolizing the collective desire for a better community, society, and world.

Allow the candles to burn out naturally if it is safe to do so. The ritual is complete at this point, but you can optionally follow it with a group dinner or dance party to continue raising the vibrations.

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