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Full Moon in Gemini: December 18, 2021, 11:35pm EST

Full Moon in Gemini: December 18, 2021, 11:35pm EST


I speak my truth honestly, openly, and with compassion. I listen and am heard. Communication flows easily through and around me.

  • New beginnings
  • Lean into adventure
  • Solar eclipse gives us a burst of energy
  • Focus on adaptability and lean into Sagittarius energy
  • Spontaneity and ease of communication
  • Don’t let a cool head get in the way of a warm heart
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Venus goes retrograde just a few hours after the full moon
  • Need for love and affection but potential for relationship struggles
  • Moon trines Jupiter – optimism and luck!
  • Last full moon of the year – release what you don’t want to carry into the new year
  • Speak love to yourself in the mirror
  • Relationships may feel strained, so focus on compassionate communication
  • Shortest day and longest night of the year
  • Rebirth of the sun and preparation for spring
  • A time for joy, family and loved ones, and warmth
  • Practicality and responsibility – a “get it done” attitude


Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Gemini, you are always picking up on subtle signs. Air moons are usually intellectuals – your mind is your greatest asset. You are perceptive in social situations, able to see through facades and pick up on energies.

Gemini is all about communication, and chances are you’re a great conversationalist. Whether your strength is listening or telling tales, you’re usually fun to talk to! Gemini moons are generally expressive and sometimes blunt. Mercury is Gemini’s planetary ruler, so communication comes easily to you and is something you value in those you surround yourself with.

As a mutable sign, Gemini is often accused of flightiness or indecisiveness. It’s more that you are in love with the world and all the options it presents. We recommend wearing or carrying bumblebee jasper to help with decision-making.


To help you open lines of loving communication with your partner. This ritual is best performed with a partner – a romantic partner, a close friend, a family member, or anyone you feel the need to be more communicative with. This is a very intimate ritual, so make sure that you trust the person you’re doing it with.



This ritual involves speaking openly and honestly with each other. If you choose, you can prepare some words ahead of time and write them down to read to each other. Otherwise, just speak from the heart in the moment.

For this ritual, you’ll need a place for you and your partner to sit comfortably and face each other. Begin by cleansing your space with the incense of your choice. Both of you should take part in the cleansing process together if possible.

Pass each of your ritual items through the incense smoke to cleanse them and fill them with the intention of honest communication.


Place the ritual candle in the center of your space between you and your partner. Make sure it is in a candle holder or on a heat-safe surface. Arrange the crystals in front of you and in front of your partner. Place one each of the blue chalcedony and blue kyanite pieces on the side of the candle closest to you, and the same for your partner. Blue chalcedony and blue kyanite are both great communication stones that work with your throat chakra to help you speak your truth and understand each other.

Optional: place the clear quartz points to the sides of the candle, one facing towards you and one towards your partner. Clear quartz is an energy amplifier, and the points will help direct the energy between you. Place any other supportive crystals around your sacred space.


Sit opposite your partner. Together, light your candle. As you light it, invite the intention of open, loving communication. You may wish to say the words together, “we invite honesty, openness, and compassion to flow between us.”

Once the candle is lit, join your hands together. Each of you should place your right palm face-down on your partner’s left palm, and turn your left palm face-up. The left hand is the receptive, feminine hand, while the right is the masculine hand that directs energy outwards. By joining hands in this way, you allow your energies to flow together harmoniously.

Take three deep breaths while looking into each other’s eyes. Resist the urge to look away – even though it may feel awkward. Vulnerability is a skill that takes practice.

Next, take turns speaking freely. Say whatever comes to mind, whether it’s something that needs to be addressed within the relationship, something that’s been on your mind, something you need help with or support for, etc. It doesn’t have to be deep or spiritual, just honest. When your partner is speaking, listen to them fully. Let the conversation flow naturally, without either partner speaking over the other one.

Once you’ve both said what you needed to say, take turns saying the words, “I hear you. I am here with you, fully, and I am here for you, fully.” Feel free to add any words of support that come to mind.

Take three more deep breaths while looking into each other’s eyes. When you’re both ready, release your hands. Allow the candle to burn down completely.

Once the ritual is over, you may want to spend some time together sharing a cup of tea or a meal, taking a walk, or simply just embracing. You can both go forward feeling confident that you can speak openly and honestly with each other and rely on each other for support.


A quick 5-10 minute ritual for when you’re busy!

This is the last full moon of the calendar year, making it an excellent time to release the things you don’t want to carry with you into 2022.



Begin by cleansing your space with sage. In order to find clarity in the mind, it’s important to get rid of cluttered or stagnant energy in your physical space. Sage will clear out anything that needs to go, leaving you space for breath and focus.


Set up your candles. If you can do so safely, place one to the left of where your head will be, and one to the right. The colors blue and white promote wisdom and clarity. If you’re choosing to include meditation music, play it now.

To begin, light your candles, then lie down in a comfortable space. Take the clear quartz and place it over your Third Eye chakra (between your eyebrows/in the middle of your forehead.

Begin to breathe deeply. As you breathe in, visualize a burst of refreshing wind entering your head. As you exhale, visualize that wind leaving your head, taking with it all the clutter, cobwebs, and junk that’s in there. Continue this breath work for several minutes, even up to an hour if you have time. If your thoughts begin to race, that’s okay. Just let them pass and return to the exercise.

The ritual is complete when you feel more open and spacious. When you finish the ritual, sit up slowly. You may feel a bit lightheaded, so take your time. Drink plenty of cold water and take it easy for a while after the ritual is finished.

You should find it easier to think through situations and problems in the days following the ritual.

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