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FULL Moon in VIRGO: March 18, 2022, 3:17AM EDT

FULL Moon in VIRGO: March 18, 2022, 3:17AM EDT


I prioritize my health and wellbeing. I recognize that I am part of Universal consciousness and love, and by caring for myself I am better able to be helpful and supportive to others.


New Moon in Pisces, March 2nd

  • Creative energy
  • Spirituality, connection to the greater Universe and growth
  • Release what no longer serves
  • Great time for spring cleaning
  • Let go of self-imposed boundaries
  • Take practical action
  • Find balance between being of practical help and being of spiritual help to others
  • Focus on health
  • Mother Earth is fertile as plants begin to sprout
  • Spend time seeing how nature gives birth to new life!
  • Fire and passion!



Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. If your moon is in Virgo, you are likely someone who focuses on the practical world rather than the spiritual. That’s okay! You may find that intuition, meditation, and deep thinking don’t come easily to you – but that doesn’t mean these skills can’t be developed. We recommend working with the Third Eye chakra, supported by crystals like moonstonesodalite, and amethyst. These crystals help develop your intuition and can aid in removing some of the anxiety that may hold you back in these areas.

Virgo, along with Pisces, lives on what astrologers call the “Health Axis.” This means that those with prominent Virgo placements, like you, are guardians of all kinds of health for individuals, groups, organizations, and so on. You’re like the antibodies that keep your office running. Whether it’s physical, financial, organizational, or any other kind of health, you have a talent for solving problems and keeping everything running smoothly. While others may not fully understand the importance of your ever-expanding spreadsheets and lists, their work is only possible because you keep things organized on the back end. Virgo placements may benefit from working with fluorite or red tiger’s eye, both of which enhance your natural ability to focus and produce at a high level.


As we reach the end of Pisces season and prepare for spring and fiery Aries, we can all benefit from a spiritual detox. Pisces season brings a development of spirituality, intuition, and connection to the greater Universe. We may feel more connected to others’ energies and more aware of the subtle realms that exist around us. These are all great things, but they can feel overwhelming, especially at this Virgo moon. This spiritual detox can be done at any point during the year, but it’s particularly relevant now.



Before we begin our ritual, we need to prepare the space for cleansing and healing. Since we are channeling Virgo energy, it’s best to begin with a mundane cleaning of the space. Put away any items left lying around, sweep or vacuum the floor, wipe down surfaces and windows. If you want, you can burn incense or diffuse essential oils for aromatherapy (especially if you’re using chemical cleaners!).

Next, it’s time to energetically cleanse the space with sage or cedar. Sage is a powerful cleanser which removes all energies from a space. Cedar works similarly to remove negative energies and deeply cleanse. Light the sage or cedar bundle and move around the room in a counterclockwise motion to clear out the energies there.


To prepare the ritual, all you need to do is set up a comfortable place. We recommend lying down for this ritual, but you can sit or even stand if it feels more comfortable to you. If lying down, place a mat and pillow or just use your bed. Place a glass of water nearby. If you want to include grounding crystals, you can place them near where your root chakra will be, on a nearby table, or hold them at your root chakra during the ritual to keep you grounded. Optional: play some meditation music.


Find a comfortable position (lying down works best). Begin your ritual by taking three deep breaths. As you breathe, focus your attention inward. How does your body feel? Where are you holding tension in your muscles? What is your mind experiencing? How do you feel energetically?

Take the clear quartz crystal and hold it at the top of your head at your Crown chakra. Clear quartz is a great all-around energetic and aura cleanser. While you hold the crystal there, visualize your energy becoming clearer. You may feel a tingling sensation or a releasing of tension near where you hold the crystal.

Slowly work your way over your whole body, traveling down the center and hitting each chakra point (for a refresher course on chakras, watch this video). Next, move the crystal over your arms and legs so that your whole body is cleared.

Then repeat this process with the selenite. Selenite is also an auric and energetic cleanser whose high vibration will help overcome any feelings of spiritual exhaustion. Once you’ve finished with the selenite, repeat the process with amethyst for relaxation and releasing of any leftover tension.

Finally, repeat the process with rose quartz. This stone promotes love – both self-love and the divine love of the Universe. As you move this stone around your body, visualize your aura turning pink and imagine yourself supported and protected by a forcefield of love. While rose quartz isn’t generally considered a hardcore protection stone, its promotion of self-care and enforcing boundaries can help protect you from people and situations that may drain your energy.

Once you finish with the crystals, take three more deep breaths. You should feel refreshed and renewed. Try to release any remaining physical tension in your body by stretching and relaxing your muscles. Finally, when you’re ready, sit up and drink some water. Not only does water purify and cleanse your energy, but it’ll help replenish you after removing so much stagnant or chaotic energy.

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