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New Moon in Pisces: March 2, 2022, 12:34pm EST

New Moon in Pisces: March 2, 2022, 12:34pm EST


I allow myself to flow with the current of life, trusting my intuition and the Universe.


New Moon in Pisces, March 2nd

  • Creative energy
  • Spirituality, connection to the greater Universe
  • Dream big!
  • New moons: new beginnings
  • Lean into intuition
  • Spiritual evolution and growth
  • Release what no longer serves
  • Great time for spring cleaning
  • Let go of self-imposed boundaries
  • Mother Earth is fertile as plants begin to sprout
  • Spend time seeing how nature gives birth to new life!
  • Fire and passion!



Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, the “you” you don’t show to people. The moon in fact has to do with everything Piscean: intuition, feelings, and inner worlds. Pisces corresponds to the Moon card in the RWS Tarot, which represents secrecy, our inner, hidden worlds, and the liminal space between conscious and unconscious understanding. If your moon is in Pisces, you are able to tap into intuition with most things. You likely feel very deeply, picking up on the emotions and feelings of others.

Depending on your Sun and rising placements, Pisces moons may get overwhelmed easily by all the emotions around you. If crowds or being around others for long periods of time overstimulate you and you’re feeling energetically burnt out, you may want to try wearing or carrying labradorite. This stone not only enhances your natural intuition, but it also offers psychic and energetic protection.


For this ritual we will be charging water with the energy of the new moon and crystals. You can drink this water within two days of the new moon (as long as you’re using clean, safe water and materials!), use it to water your houseplants or spritz your newly sown seedlings, or you can use it in spellwork and ritual in the coming days.

Stored in the fridge, this water will last about a week. Never consume or touch old moon water, as the potential for bacteria to grow increases the longer it’s stored.


  • Sage or palo santo 
  • Water (filtered if planning to drink, otherwise tap or river is fine)
  • Jar with tight lid
  • Amethyst 
  • Clear Quartz
  • Shungite
  • Optional: any other water-safe crystals that align with your intentions!
  • Optional: pen and paper to write your new moon intentions


Begin by cleansing each item you plan to use in this ritual. You can use sage or palo santo, whichever you prefer. Optionally, if you’re planning to collect river or rainwater for this ritual, you can use the running water of the river or the rain to cleanse everything.


First, we need to prep our moon water. Begin by filling up the jar with whichever water you’re using. Next, take each crystal you plan to include, meditate with it for a minute, and submerge it in the water. You can use any crystals that are water-safe. We chose amethyst for its calming, emotionally soothing, and intuitive properties. We also like clear quartz for auric cleansing and Chakra alignment, and shungite for protection and water purification.

Once all the crystals are submerged in the water, close up the jar tightly. Spend a few minutes meditating with the jar, telling it your intentions and allowing it to absorb your energy. If you want to include specific intentions for this new moon, you can write them on a piece of paper and place it under (not in) the jar when you set it out.

Once the sun is set for the evening, place your jar outside or on a window sill to absorb the new moon’s energy. NOTE: the jar doesn’t have to get hit directly by bright moonlight in order for this to work! It works perfectly fine on cloudy evenings or in window sills that don’t get direct moonlight. You just need to make the intention of charging the water with the moon’s energy very clear.

In the morning, retrieve the jar of water from outside or the window sill. For the purest moon water, you should do this very early, before the sun comes up. If the sun’s light hits the jar, that’s totally okay! Your moon water won’t be ruined, but will have a slightly more sun-oriented energy. If you plan to use this for work in astral realms, intuitive work, or emotional work, the influence of the sun may confuse your rituals a bit.

Store moon water in the fridge for no more than a week.


A quick 5-10 minute ritual for when you’re busy!

Shungite has been used as a natural healing stone for centuries. For this ritual, we will be tapping into not only its physical healing powers, but its metaphysical properties of protection and rejuvenation.


  • Sage or palo santo
  • A few shungite crystals
  • Optional: any other water-safe crystals that align with your intentions!
  • Water to drink
  • Cup or glass to drink from


Begin by cleansing your space and items with sage or palo santo. Cleansing may seem simple, but your rituals and manifestations are always more powerful when you start with a clean slate.

If you’re using black shungite (like we sell in the shop), you may want to rinse your stones before putting them in your water. Residue from the stones won’t hurt you, but it may discolor the water or create an unpleasant texture.


This ritual is simple and only has one step. Center yourself and hold the shungite stones in your hands. Take several deep breaths, connecting with the crystal, and focus your attention on healing and restoring your body. Visualize the water that you drink helping to fight off bacteria and providing a field of protection around your cells. Place the shungite in your water and allow it to sit for several minutes. Then, drink the water and allow its healing properties to strengthen your body.

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