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Sagittarius Season 2021

Sagittarius Season 2021



Your Sun sign is the sign most closely associated with your personality and life’s trajectory. People with their sun in Sagittarius are optimistic and fast-moving doers, always searching and striving forward. You are curious and adventurous: whether it’s weird foods, hidden places, or a book you stumbled upon, you’re always up for the challenge. You aren’t afraid of change, adaptable in all situations. You recognize that “this too shall pass,” and while you are sometimes quick to anger, your temper subsides as quickly as it comes.

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. Mutable signs come at the transitions of seasons, and your sun placement comes when autumn is deepening into the colder winter months. Like the name implies, you may have difficulty staying on one task, idea, job, ideology, etc. You’re the type to not finish books before starting new ones, and you may feel like you never get anything accomplished. But never fear – you jump from one thing to the next because you’re a searcher. You’re always looking for ways to advance, physically, spiritually, and in life in general. You move quickly, just like fire, with bright light and supercharged energy.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, governs growth and expansion – exactly what you’re all about, Sag! It also is the planet of longterm and foreign travel, something you aren’t afraid of and actually look forward to with your adventurous spirit. You love your freedom, and aren’t afraid to stand up when you feel like your freedom is being curbed or compromised. You want unfettered access to the world and all its experiences. You want the space to grow and live up to your fullest potential in this lifetime.

Sagittarius is represented by the archer, a centaur who carries a bow and arrows, and the sign’s glyph is an arrow. The centaur in ancient Greek mythology represented the balance between animal and human nature (distinct from each other in ancient philosophy). Centaurs were wise creatures attuned to the natural world and fierce warriors in battle. While they were often even-tempered and looked to as healers, they also had a temper which could be dangerous if sparked. Their bow and arrows represented their endless searching and seeking more knowledge, more wisdom, and more experiences.


This year, Sagittarius comes as a welcome reward for sticking it out through a tough Scorpio season. Sag brings optimism and a path forward after a few weeks of intense shadow work and difficult placements, culminating in the full moon eclipse in Taurus on Friday. Scorpio forced us to do the hard work, and now we’re able to come out on the other side ready to expand. There’s a reason most mythologies tell a story about traveling down to the Underworld and emerging on the other side, forever changed.

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 4th and corresponds to a total solar eclipse – the last on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The new moon brings new beginnings, but this isn’t the best time for heavy manifestation work. Instead, take a look back at the last year and a half (the first Gem-Sag eclipse was in June 2020) and reflect on the things you’ve learned, what you’ve let go, and where you are now as the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse season gets rolling.

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on December 18th. Like all full moons, it’s a great time for releasing/banishing work, bringing projects to completion, and practicing gratitude (check out a gratitude ritual here). Flighty Gemini is balanced by philosophical Sagittarius, so this is a good time to make short- and long-term plans.

At the end of Sagittarius season, Venus goes retrograde on December 19th. Venus is the planet of love and sex, and when it goes retrograde it can be a time of old insecurities resurfacing. Be aware of the way you speak to yourself, especially about your body. Don’t give the negative voice in your head power over your self-perception. You are a divine being and your body is a divine vessel. Self-image issues may leak into your love life as well. This is a great time to practice affirmations in the mirror and do self-care and self-love rituals.


The card in the Tarot associated with Sagittarius is the Temperance card. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this card shows a figure pouring liquid from one cup to another in a process known as “tempering.” The cups represent emotions, and this card shows us how not to succumb to extremes of feeling. When our emotions are in check, we can tune into the peaceful feeling and optimism that Sagittarius is known for. The figure on the card is barefoot and stepping into unknown waters, but trusts the process and maintains balance.

The figure wears the symbol of the element fire on their clothes. Even though you may think that fire represents anger or emotional outbursts, it doesn’t have to. Fire is essential in the metallurgical process of – you guessed it – tempering, when iron is heated to soften it slightly and thus increase its strength. Sagittarius is a fire sign, but think of them as warm rather than red-hot when it comes to emotional balance.

Both Sagittarius and the Temperance card are seeking and striving towards a higher path as they maintain balance along the way. The path upward is best discovered through discovery itself, and Temperance and Sagittarius are always learning from their experiences while seeking out new ones.


  • Browse the “Show any page” tab of Simple English Wikipedia to learn something new
  • Plan an exotic trip on AirBnB, and then go (or don’t!)
  • Strike up a conversation with the owner of your local Thai restaurant and learn their story, and then order something new on the menu (no, not your regular Pad Thai that you always get – save that for Taurus season!)
  • Try out a new form of therapy like floating, acupuncture, or sound healing
  • Contemplate the meaning of life with this YouTube channel, and explore the world with this one



For this ritual, we will be programming and charging a crystal or crystals to wear/carry when you travel. Choose a stone based on your specific travel needs.


  • Crystal/s of your choice (see our recommendations below), in pendant or bracelet form, or with something you can carry them in
  • Sage
  • Black 7-day candle
  • Optional: marker or paint to write on the candle glass
  • Selenite



Begin by cleansing your space with sage. Sage will rid the area of any unwanted energies, an absolute necessity when creating an amulet.

Next, place your candle in the center of your altar or dedicated space. Make sure this is a space that won’t be disturbed, since the candle will burn for several days.

You may wish to write or paint the symbol for Jupiter, Mercury, or both. Jupiter, as mentioned above, represents long-term and long-distance travel, while Mercury governs shorter journeys. Both these planets and their associated gods can provide protection for you while you travel.

Jupiter's Planetary Symbol
Mercury's Planetary Symbol


We will be doing a double-cleanse during this ritual. The reason for this is that with amulets, you want to be absolutely sure that you aren’t bringing unwanted energies with you when you’re wearing/carrying them.

First, cleanse your crystals with sage by passing them through the smoke of your sage bundle. Sage is a powerful cleanser and will leave your objects free of unwanted energies that have attached themselves.

Next, place your crystals on or near your piece of selenite (if you chose selenite as one of your crystals, you can skip this step). Selenite, like sage, is an energetic cleanser, and is particularly effective in clearing crystals. It is also a helpful stone for travelers, so you’re getting an extra boost when you do this. Leave the crystals on or near the selenite while you perform the next step.


Light the candle. As you light it, take several deep breaths and focus on your intention. You may wish to speak your intention out loud with words like, “This amulet forms a protective aura when I travel,” or, “I travel with peace of mind,” etc.

Next, take your crystals and pass them over the flame of the candle (at a safe distance!!) three times. As you do this, maintain focus on your intention by gazing at the candle flame. If you chose to include symbols for Jupiter and/or Mercury, invite their protective energy into your amulet.

Finally, hold the crystals in your hands. Take three deep breaths: as you breathe in, invite protective energy in from the candle, the planets, and anywhere else you feel called to; as you breathe out, direct that protective energy towards your crystals. You may wish to literally breathe the energy onto the stones, or you may prefer to visualize protective power entering into them from your hands.

Place the crystals near the base of your candle, where they’ll sit until the candle burns out completely. Once the candle is finished burning (about 5 days), your amulet is ready for use.

You can recharge the amulet each time you travel using the same method to ensure that it brings the most potent protective energy with you wherever you go.

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